I thoroughly enjoy teaching and am currently doing so in two different places, Goethe University Frankfurt and RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, and in two different subject areas, theoretical physics and mathematics for engineers.

Theoretical physics

I am currently teaching courses on statistical physics at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences and on symmetries in quantum physics at Goethe University Frankfurt. Previously, I taught courses on quantum probability, quantum information, and quantum computation at Goethe University Frankfurt, as well as the better part of the core theoretical physics curriculum at Ulm University, including courses in classical mechanics, electrodynamics, thermodynamics and statistical mechanics.


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Mathematics for engineers

Engineering students at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences receive a thorough initial training in mathematics which covers all requisite tools from calculus, analysis, linear algebra, and stochastics. For the past 9+ years I have taught these introductory courses to students of mechanical engineering who enter the university with prior work experience, a particularly mature and motivated group of students with diverse backgrounds. These are intensive courses with many practice sessions and lots of interaction between students and teacher.


Probability & Statistics

We live in the age of data, and no education in science or engineering may be considered complete without some basic knowledge of data analysis. At RheinMain University of Applied Sciences I teach an introductory course on probability and statistics to students of business and engineering, which aims to provide that solid foundation.


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