Statistical Physics and Thermodynamics

to be published 2017 by Oxford University Press

Statistical physics and thermodynamics describe the behavior of systems on the macroscopic scale. Their methods are applicable to a wide range of phenomena, from neutron stars to heat engines, or from chemical reactions to phase transitions; the pertinent laws are among the most universal of all the laws of physics. Yet to many students, this subject appears as merely a collection of ad hoc recipes, and its essential concepts remain elusive.


To help students overcome these difficulties, this text provides a concise yet thorough introduction to the key concepts underlying statistical physics and thermodynamics. This clear exposition of concepts is complemented by a wealth of applications and classroom-tested exercises, covering all the major topics of a standard course on statistical physics and thermodynamics.


The book is ideally suited both as a text for an advanced undergraduate or beginning graduate course, and as a self-contained tutorial guide for students in physics, chemistry, and engineering.