Particle production in heavy-ion collisions

As long as collisions of heavy ions are only peripheral and hadronic reactions may be neglected, the production of particles is due primarily to the strong accompanying electromagnetic fields. The pertinent cross sections for a variety of particles have been calculated in

  • J. Rau, B. Müller, W. Greiner, and G. Soff, Production of supersymmetric particles in ultrarelativistic heavy-ion collisions, Journal of Physics G 16, 211 (1990) [doi][pdf]
  • M. Greiner, M. Vidovic, J. Rau, and G. Soff, Impact parameter dependence of the Higgs boson production in ultrarelativistic heavy-ion collisions, Journal of Physics G 17, L45 (1991) [doi][pdf]

Spacetime geometry

One of my early amateur efforts to gain a deeper understanding of spacetime concerned an extension of a classic but - in my view - underappreciated result by Weyl and Cartan:

  • J. Rau, On the Metric Structure of Space-Time, in: M. A. del Olmo, M. Santander, and J. Mateos Guilarte, eds., Group Theoretical Methods in Physics, Vol. II, Proceedings of the XIX Int. Colloquium, Salamanca, Spain, June 29 - July 4, 1992 (Anales de Fisica, Monografias 1, CIEMAT, Madrid, 1993, ISBN 84-7834-160-9), pp. 483-486 [book][arXiv][pdf]